AVS 55th International Symposium & Exhibition
    Plasma Science and Technology Monday Sessions

Session PS-MoA
Invited Highlights on Plasma-Surface Interactions - Honoring the Distinguished Career of Herbert H. Sawin

Monday, October 20, 2008, 2:00 pm, Room 304
Moderator: J.P. Chang, University of California, Los Angeles

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2:00pm PS-MoA1
Plasma Etching - The Early Days
J.W. Coburn, University of California at Berkeley
2:20pm PS-MoA2 Invited Paper
Following Moore’s Law – How Many Knobs are Enough?
R.A. Gottscho, K. Smekalin, Lam Research
3:00pm PS-MoA4
Real Time and 3D Characterization Techniques to Control Plasma Etch Processeses at the Nanometer Scale
O. Joubert, CEA/LETI-Minatec, France
3:20pm PS-MoA5
Investigations of Plasma-Polymer Interactions For Nanoscale Patterning of Materials1,2
G.S. Oehrlein, University of Maryland
4:00pm PS-MoA7
Will Recombination Reaction Probabilities at Plasma Chamber Walls Ever Be Non-Adjustable Parameters?
V.M. Donnelly, University of Houston
4:20pm PS-MoA8
Ion-Surface Interactions Beyond Etching
K.P. Giapis, California Institute of Technology
4:40pm PS-MoA9
Can Plasma Modeling Be a Predictive Tool in Process Development?: Etching of Very High Aspect Ratio Features and Gate Stacks
M. Wang, Y. Yang, J. Shoeb, M.J. Kushner, Iowa State University
5:00pm PS-MoA10
Predictive Etch Profile under Competition Among Deposition, Etching, and Charging on Dielectrics in a Low Temperature Plasma
T. Makabe, Keio University, Japan
5:20pm PS-MoA11
Silicon Processing Technologies in Adjacent Spaces: Applications Beyond Information Technology
T. Dalton, IBM