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Paper PS-MoA5
Investigations of Plasma-Polymer Interactions For Nanoscale Patterning of Materials1,2

Monday, October 20, 2008, 3:20 pm, Room 304

Session: Invited Highlights on Plasma-Surface Interactions - Honoring the Distinguished Career of Herbert H. Sawin
Presenter: G.S. Oehrlein, University of Maryland
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The combination of photolithographic patterning of organic materials followed by plasma-based transfer of photoresist patterns into electronic materials enables the production of nanometer scale devices required in information technology products. Despite the success of these thin film and substrate patterning approaches in what is possibly the most important example of nanoscale manufacturing, important gaps in our scientific understanding of relevant plasma-polymer interactions remain. In this talk we will review chemical and morphological changes induced in selected model polymers and advanced photoresist materials as a result of interaction with fluorocarbon/Ar plasmas. Of special interest are the changes of the materials that take place at the beginning of the plasma-polymer interaction period. We will evaluate the respective roles of a) polymer structure/chemistry and b) plasma process parameters on the consequences of the plasma-polymer interactions. The impact of plasma-induced polymer alterations on changes of polymer-defined nanoscale features will also be discussed.

1 Based on collaborations with S. Engelmann, R. L. Bruce, F. Weilnboeck, T. Kwon, T.C. Lin, R. Phaneuf, Y. C. Bae, C. Andes, D. Wang, D. Graves, D. Nest, J. Vegh, E. A. Hudson, B. Long, G. Willson, P. Lazzeri, E. Iacob and M. Anderle
2 We gratefully acknowledge financial support of this work by the National Science Foundation under awards Nos. DMR-0406120, DMR-0705953 and NIRT CTS-0506988.