AVS 54th International Symposium
    Plasma Science and Technology Thursday Sessions
       Session PS-ThP

Paper PS-ThP9
Application of Exhaust Line OES on Plasma-less Process for Advanced Process Control

Thursday, October 18, 2007, 5:30 pm, Room 4C

Session: Plasma Science and Technology Poster Session
Presenter: S. Han, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, South Korea
Authors: S. Han, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, South Korea
Y.-J. Kim, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, South Korea
S.W. Choi, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, South Korea
W.-S. Han, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, South Korea
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Recently, APC(Advanced Process Control) using in_situ monitoring sensor become more important for the enhancement of production efficiency and quality control mainly FD(Fault Detection) in mass production to meet specs for reduced feature size. Moreover, it makes process development and ramp up of yield faster. So, many in_situ electrical and optical sensors are being evaluated to find more sensitive and appropriate sensor for each specific process or equipment in many chip makers. The requirements of external in_situ sensor should be low in the price to easily manipulate, small to install, and justly accurate in the detectability. Among them, exhaust line OES sensor holds limelight due to that it can be used for monitoring non plasma process as well as plasma process. In this study, it has been qualified that exhaust line OES is a best solution as a real time gas analyzer, which can monitor by_product generated from chemical reaction, which can optimize EPD (End Point Detection), pre_conditioning time like seasoning, and process drift like"first wafer effect" of many different processes. First of all, most important thing is to detect or monitor undesirable process excursion like air leak, which affects product yield.

Application of exhaust line OES on plasma_less process for Advanced Process Control Keywords: OES (Optical Emission Control), APC (Advanced Process Control), FD (Fault Detection).