AVS 61st International Symposium & Exhibition
    Magnetic Interfaces and Nanostructures Tuesday Sessions

Session MI+MG-TuM
Advanced Materials Discovery 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014, 8:00 am, Room 311
Moderator: Markus Donath, Muenster University, Germany

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8:00am MI+MG-TuM1 Invited Paper
Combinatorial Approach to Novel Functional Materials
Ichiro Takeuchi, University of Maryland
8:40am MI+MG-TuM3 Invited Paper
Discovery and Design of Two-Dimensional Materials by Data-Mining and Genetic Algorithm Approaches
Richard Hennig, University of Florida, Gainesville
9:20am MI+MG-TuM5
Complexities in the Molecular Spin Crossover Transition
Xin Zhang, S. Mu, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, J. Chen, Columbia University, T. Palamarciuc, P. Rosa, J.-F. Létard, Université de Bordeaux, France, J. Liu, D. Arena, Brookhaven National Laboratory, B. Doudin, Université de Strasbourg, France, P.A. Dowben, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
9:40am MI+MG-TuM6
Controlling and Imprinting Topological Spin Textures
R. Streubel, L. Han, IFW Dresden, Germany, M.-Y. Im, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, F. Kronast, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie/Elektronenspeicherring BESSY II, Germany, U.K. Roessler, Institute for Theoretical Solid State Physics, IFW Dresden, Germany, F. Radu, R. Abrudan, Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum, Germany, G. Lin, O.G. Schmidt, IFW Dresden, Germany, Peter Fischer, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, D. Makarov, IFW Dresden, Germany
11:00am MI+MG-TuM10
Growth and Properties of Skyrmionic MnSi Nanowires and Thin Film on Silicon
Jieyu Yi, S.W. Tang, University of Tennessee, I.I. Kravchenko, G.X. Cao, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, D.G. Mandrus, University of Tennessee, Z. Gai, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
11:20am MI+MG-TuM11
Depth Dependent Mapping of Valence and Other Factors in LaSrMnO3/PrZrTiO3 Magnetoelectric Heterostructures
Mikel Holcomb, C.-Y. Huang, R. Trappen, J. Zhou, West Virginia University, Y.-H. Chu, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan, Republic of China
11:40am MI+MG-TuM12
Strain Measurements in LaSrMnO3/PbZrTiO3 Magnetoelectric Heterostructures
Chih-Yeh Huang, J. Zhou, West Virginia University, Y.-H. Chu, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan, Republic of China, M.B. Holcomb, West Virginia University
12:00pm MI+MG-TuM13
Bit-Patterned Media Using Block Copolymer Templating on FePt
S. Gupta, H. Su, Allen Owen, R. Douglas, University of Alabama