AVS 61st International Symposium & Exhibition
    Biomaterial Interfaces Tuesday Sessions

Session BI+AS+MN+NS-TuM

Tuesday, November 11, 2014, 8:00 am, Room 317
Moderator: Graham Leggett, University of Sheffield

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8:20am BI+AS+MN+NS-TuM2
An Inductive-Capacitive Sensor for Real-time Biofilm Growth Monitoring
Ekaterina Tolstaya, Y.W. Kim, S. Chu, K.D. Gerasopoulos, W.E. Bentley, R. Ghodssi, University of Maryland, College Park
8:40am BI+AS+MN+NS-TuM3
The Interplay of Electrode Materials and Biomaterials in a Catechol-Modified Chitosan-Based Sensor for Clozapine Detection
Robert Dietrich, T.E. Winkler, H. Ben-Yoav, S.E. Chocron, E. Kim, University of Maryland, College Park, D.L. Kelly, University of Maryland School of Medicine, G.F. Payne, R. Ghodssi, University of Maryland, College Park
9:00am BI+AS+MN+NS-TuM4
Characterization of an Amperometric Glucose Sensor on a Flexible Polyimide Substrate for Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Insulin Delivery through Single Device
X. Du, J.R. Motley, A.K. Herman, Liney Arnadottir, G.S. Herman, X. Tan, J.F. Conley, Jr., Oregon State University, W.K. Ward, R.S. Cargill, J.R. Castle, P.G. Jacobs, Pacific Diabetes Technologies
9:20am BI+AS+MN+NS-TuM5 Invited Paper
Chemically Modifying Graphene for Biosensing and Interfacing with Biology
Paul Sheehan, Naval Research Laboratory, S.C. Hernandez, National Research Council, N. Long, Nova Research, S.P. Mulvaney, J. Robinson, Naval Research Laboratory, R. Stine, Nova Research, C.R. Tamanaha, S.G. Walton, Naval Research Laboratory
11:00am BI+AS+MN+NS-TuM10 Invited Paper
Bioresorbable Sensors and Electronics
John Rogers, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
11:40am BI+AS+MN+NS-TuM12
Surface Chemistry Enhanced Microbial Bioelectrocatalysis
Kateryna Artyushkova, C. Santoro, S. Babanova, J. Cornejo, L. Ista, A. Schuler, P. Atanassov, University of New Mexico