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Cancellation Notice & Call for Suggestions

The Insight workshop has been a workshop focused on junction formation and related metrology and, while limited in attendance (~100-120 people), provided through its format of extended presentations and poster discussions, an excellent forum for elaborate discussions and information exchange. This has proven to be extremely valuable leading to significant scientific and technical progress.

On behalf of the organizing committee of Insight-2011, we appreciate your contribution to the scientific program which is essential to make Insight-2011 once more a success.

Unfortunately we are faced with a changing climate where publication of research results is becoming less frequent, in particular for many semiconductor companies. Moreover economic constraints appear to severely impacting conference attendance. In recent years we have seen a decline in attendance of conferences/meetings related to junction formation, defect engineering and dopant/carrier profile metrology. For example, we note the disappearance of the MRS symposia on dopant-defect interactions and materials characterization, the recent termination of the RTP-conference, the low attendance at IEDM-sessions on process modeling etc..

As a result of this changing climate and economical restrictions, we must admit that the present call for papers for the Insight workshop has not been as successful as it was for previous conferences. In view of the financial responsibilities linked to organizing the meeting and the reduced scientific program that could be offered to the participants, the organizing and international  committee has taken the sad decision to cancel the present meeting.

Notwithstanding these observations, there remains a large community linked to junction formation, ion implantation and junction metrology. In the coming months the International committee will explore whether sufficient support is still available for a scientific and technical forum focusing on these topics and what the best avenues would be to reach a larger attendance. Any comments or suggestions you may have on this subject can directed to

Wilfried Vandervorst, Ph.D
Imec Fellow
Department Head Materials and Components Analysis
Professor KULeuven

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