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Coating of Synthetic Materials – Engineering for the Future

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Symposium Chairs

Klaus Böbel, Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany,
Fred Fietzke, Fraunhofer Institute for Electron Beam and Plasma Technology, FEP, Germany,

In upcoming megatrends like additive manufacturing and electric drives, the use of new synthetic materials and fiber-reinforced plastics poses enormous challenges to surface engineering. Requirement profiles ranging from surface finishing and wear performance up to new levels of EM shielding have to be fulfilled. Beginning from the activation of interfaces, to the identification of appropriate layer architectures and finally leading to the development of specific coating processes, including adapted hardware for production processes for all listed aspects, fundamental as well as applied research is needed. Moreover, future industrialization will need new coatings on tools for manufacturing and machining as well as sophisticated testing methods for quality evaluation. In this symposium, scientists and engineers working in the fields of surface treatment and thin-film technology are encouraged to present their approaches and solutions for the expansion of classical thin-film business to an exciting new field.

Invited Speakers  

Roel Tietema, IHI Hauzer Coatings Technology B.V., Netherlands
“Aspects of Coatings on Plastic Products for Decorative and Automotive Parts”

Claus Rebholz, University of Cyprus, Cyprus
“Sticking Together Under Pressure: Coating Adhesion on Different Substrate Materials”




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