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Thermal and Kinetic Spray Deposition

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Symposium Chairs

Charles Kay, ASB Industries, Inc., USA,
Andrew Vackel, Sandia National Laboratories, USA,

This session will include presentations on the processing, materials characterization, and performance of coatings and films produced by the wide variety of technologies that encompass thermal spray (plasma spray, HVOF/HVAF, wire flame spray etc.) and kinetic based spray processes (Cold spray, aerosol deposition, etc.). Focus will be directed towards new innovations in process technology, film characterization, and emerging applications.

Invited Speakers  

Bryan Mcenerney, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA
“Thermal Sprayed Components for Mars 2020”

Kirsten Bobzin, IOT RWTH Aachen, Germany
“Coating Development for Turbomachinery”

Richard Chromik, McGill Institute for Advanced Materials, Canada
“Tribological Properties of Cold Sprayed Metal Matrix Composite Coatings”

Robert Vaßen, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany
“Repair of Nickel Base Superalloys by Cold Spray“




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