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Frank Lemkey receives trophy for Boris Movchan

Boris Movchan and Frank Lemkey  with Trophy


R. F. Bunshah Award and Honorary ICMCTF lectureship is intended to recognize outstanding research or technological innovation in the areas of interest to the Advanced Surface Engineering Division (ASED) of the AVS, with emphasis in the fields of surface engineering, thin films, and related topics.


The nominee shall have made pioneering contributions to the science or technology of surface engineering, thin films, or related fields of interest to ASED. The Award shall be granted without further restriction except that the current ICMCTF General and Program Chairs and current members of the ASED Executive and Awards Committees are not eligible.

Previous Laureates of the R. F. Bunshah Award

2007- Wolf-Dieter Munz, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
2008- Steve Rossnagel, IBM, USA
2009- Ivan Petrov, University of Illinois, USA
2010- Helmut Holleck, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
2011- Stan Veprek, Technical University, Munich, Germany
2012 - Sture Hogmark, Uppsala University, Sweden.
2013 - William D. Sproul, Reactive Sputtering, Inc, USA
2014 - Jindrich Musil, University of West Bohemia, Plzeň, Czech Republic
2015 - Péter B. Barna, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary
2016 - Boris A. Movchan, National Academy Sciences of Ukraine

Wolf-Dieter Münz

Stephen Rossnagel

Ivan Petrov

Helmut Holleck

Stan Veprek

Sture Hogmark

William D. Sproul

Jindrich Musil

Péter B. Barna

Boris Movchan

Nomination Procedure

A nomination may be made by anyone qualified to evaluate, highlight, and validate the nominee's accomplishments. Any individual may submit one nominating or seconding letter for the award in any given year. The nomination packages MUST include the following.

Nomination Letter: The letter nominating an individual for an award must describe the work for which the award is proposed and indicate the role the work has played in solving particular scientific or technological problems. The significance of these problems and the impact of the nominee's accomplishments in the field should be discussed. If the work was performed in collaboration with others, the contributions of the nominee should be clearly stated. A proposed citation, a one-sentence synopsis of the reason for selecting the nominee, and a list of individuals sending supporting letters, must also be included. The nominating letter should not exceed two pages in length, but should be as detailed as possible to allow the Award Committee to evaluate the nominee's contributions.

Supporting Letters: A minimum of two and a maximum of five supporting letters must be arranged by the nominator. Typically, the letters should not exceed one page. Their main purpose is to endorse the nomination and to provide additional evidence of the nominee's accomplishments. The supporting letters should be written by individuals at institutions other than that of the nominee.

Description of Research Highlights: A two-page summary of research accomplishments citing key papers and patents must be included. The purpose of the material is to document the scope of a nominee's technical career, placing in context the specific work being nominated for the award.

Biographical Materials: A Curriculum Vitae or biographical sketch of the nominee and a list of publications and patents must be submitted.

Nominations remain active for three years.

Nature of the Award
The award consists of a $1500 cash award, an engraved statuette and an honorary lectureship at the ICMCTF conference at which the award is presented. This award is conferred annually, subject to availability of suitable candidates. The Award Recipient shall receive complimentary meeting registration, travel expenses up to $1500, and up to six nights lodging at the Town and Country Hotel.

Nomination Submission and Deadline: October 1, 2016
All nomination materials must be compiled by the nominator and submitted as one package. The complete nomination package is to be sent electronically to the current Chair of the ASED Awards Committee ( such that it is received by October 1, 2016. Late or incomplete application packages will not be evaluated.

ASED Awards website

2016 Laureate
Boris Movchan




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